Yee-haw! Partying Cowboy Style

Customer for Cowboy Birthday PartyBirthday parties are even more fun if you make it a costume party. Kids and even adults get to wear a costume and what’s more, the game, decorations and activities will all be themed. A western themed birthday party never gets old and children just love to dress up.

When planning a western themed birthday party, don’t forget these few things:

Invitations say it all

To give your guests clues about the theme of the party, choose a Western-themed invitation. Inform your guests that it’s a costume party.

Decorations set the mood

Your decorations and even your party plates and utensils should all follow your theme. Decorations can be Western “wanted” posters or vintage ads of the birthday celebrant; you can decorate the walls with cowboy hats, horseshoes, ropes, cacti and cowboy boots. Paper plates, utensils, and cups are also available in cowboy themed decorations, perfect for your party.

Plan unique games and activities

The fun part of a Western themed birthday party is you get to create or do games and activities which are western themed to entertain your guests. Panning for gold can be a great game for children. Spray paint some pennies with gold paint and bury it in a large sandbox, the children have to sift through the sand using plastic sieves to collect the “gold” and at the end of the game they can exchange their gold for prizes.

Another great game for the children to play is “tin can target.” Using their water guns, kids should tip over as many tin cans as they can, and the contestant with the most points wins.

Go costume shopping

The best part of planning the party is going costume shopping. Western themed specialty shops offer a variety of western clothing from cowboy boots, rodeo vests, buckles, scarves and cowboy hats, according to A.A. Callister's.

Seeing the joy in your child’s eyes once they see their birthday party is the best reward for all your planning. So put on your cowboy boots and yell yee-haw!