Why You Should Take Your Master’s In Singapore

Singapore skyline at the Marina during twilightIf you are an international student searching for the best place to pursue your master degree, you should seriously consider taking it in Singapore. Called the Garden City and earning the World’s Greatest City title from CNN, Singapore offers educational opportunities for anyone. Here are some reasons why Singapore has become an education hub in Southeast Asia.

The Best Education System Globally

According to Global Finance Magazine, Singapore is among the top three prosperous nations around the globe. You will have a chance to study from the best universities in the world. The government has set up initiatives that focus on innovative education. A master’s degree in Singapore will prepare you to conquer the dynamic global economy.

Diverse Student Population

A recent report from UNESCO documents that Singapore universities receive 50,000 international students annually. If you are an international student, you will be part of a global community. You will not only get a unique study experience, but you will learn about other cultures and meet new friends around the world.

Your Degree Will Be Globally Recognized

The city is ranked among the top three best students’ cities in the world. Employers in Asia and abroad are constantly seeking for students from Singapore universities. Studying in top-ranked universities in the city also opens doors for employment from global firms who partner with them.

Vibrant and Safe City Life

Singapore is ranked number two in safety and security. The good observation of the laws, well-established infrastructure and efficiency in police service ensure security. There are interesting places to visit including temples, museums, gardens, nightlife clubs, shopping stores, and restaurants, but without the need to worry too much about security.

Scholarships For You

Singapore universities have a range of scholarships, fellowship opportunities, and grants you can choose. You can support your master’s education with scholarships from Singapore organisations. You won’t have to repay the grants given, but you will sign a bond stating your commitment to work for a registered company in the city for three years after your study.

Whether you are an international or a Singapore student, do not hesitate to enrol for your master’s degree at a Singapore university. You are assured of an internationally recognised education and a vibrant study environment.