Why Using Reclaimed Wood Products Makes Perfect Sense

Reclaimed Wood ProductsWhile it is not an entirely new concept, the use of reclaimed wood for various products is currently enjoying a rise in popularity – especially with the growing awareness on green building and remodeling today.

There are many advantages of buying reclaimed wood products – both from economic and ecological standpoints. These include the following:

Multiple Uses

Reclaimed timber has many functional applications, including decks, hardwood flooring, tables, planter boxes, wall paneling, cabinets, shelves, wood wall art pieces, headboards, wine racks, and practically anything that can be made with new wood.

Environmentally Safe

By using reclaimed wood, you help lower the demand for newly-sourced lumber materials. This, in turn, helps stop deforestation. Reclaimed wood and reclaimed wood products can be a renewable resource – if responsibly harvested – that lowers the risk of environmental hazards from manufacturing new products and helps reduce landfill waste.

Strength and Quality

According to the Janka hardness scale, reclaimed wood can be as much as 40 points harder than virgin wood since they are typically harvested from old-growth trees, and not from first-generation forests. This explains why reclaimed wood furniture is very durable.

Exotic Looks not from Exotic Wood

In the design industry today, using exotic woods is frowned upon due to sustainability issues. However, this is not the case when using reclaimed materials since no exotic trees were chopped down for the purpose.


The weathered and aged look of reclaimed wood provides an appealing, unique look that new materials do not possess. If you are not after the rustic or antique look, however, you can find repurposed wood products that are made to look like new.

To sum it all up, using reclaimed wood products makes perfect sense, both in terms of economics and environmental impact. By making use of wood that has been repurposed, you can enjoy all the amazing benefits mentioned in this post without feeling guilty or suffering any consequence.