Why Neck Braces Matter in MX Racing

wearing motocross neck brace during raceLike any other extreme sport, motocross racing poses serious health risks. From major tumbles to minor scratches, accidents come when you least expect it. This is why most riders today take extra measures to make sure they stay safe.

The history of the sport, however, suggests that accidents aren’t always avoidable. The best you can do is to anticipate possible consequences when you’re on the track. One important consideration is protecting your neck with neck braces. Muscle strains and broken spine are known to cause paralysis and, in extreme cases, death. This means you must make it to a point to wear one every time you go out for a ride.

Shock Absorber

A neck brace is essential in a comprehensive MX outfit. A motocross neck brace acts as an efficient shock absorber. In the event when the rider gets thrown off the bike, the hardened outer shell and padding layers sufficiently protect him from sustaining neck injuries. The brace absorbs most of the impact, leaving the rider safe from any fracture.

Avoiding the Whiplash

A sturdy neck brace should hold the rider’s head into place. As a combination of forces comes into play during a sudden impact, the rider is in danger of suffering from an effect called whiplash. This is when your neck bends too far forward or backward. Without a neck brace, the neck muscles can extend and tear up significantly, leading to extensive injuries.

To avoid whiplash, wear a neck brace that is not too loose or too tight. Fortunately, there are a range of neck braces today. Simply choose the one that does not hinder your driving capacity and leaves enough room to look around.

Completing the ensemble

Today, many riders sport neck braces. These protective gears have now become a standard part of a complete MX safety ensemble. With sports as extreme as motocross, outfits such as these can make the experience more worthwhile.