Where there is Diamond, There is Value

DiamondIt may look ordinary if uncut, but once the jeweler has done his piece, a diamond's brilliance is beyond compare. It simply draws you in. 

Today, diamonds may have fallen out of grace when you talk about hardness. Scientists recently discovered wurtzite boron nitride, a diamond-like material, to be stronger than diamond, displaying an  even greater indentation strength.

And yet, no gemstone on Earth rivals the brilliance of a diamond. In effect, no stone has received so much adulation and praise. On the other hand, no stone has been more coveted by society’s most unscrupulous characters.

Today, many royal families adorn their tiaras and jewelry with the precious stone. Just recently, the Duchess of Buckingham, Kate Middleton, wore the Lotus Flower tiara embellished with diamonds in welcoming China’s prime minister.

Help in Times of Need

In trying times, however, pawning a diamond ring may be the most logical move you can make. Not only are diamond rings of great value, giving you more cash for the collateral, they are relatively easy to carry around. Unlike pawning your car, getting your diamond to the pawnshop doesn’t need much muscle or driving skills for that matter.

What’s more, you are not parting with your precious stone. For as long as you are able to pay your financial obligation on time, you get back your diamond ring – no questions asked.

It’s easy. It’s convenient and most importantly, it gets cash into your hands as soon as you need it.