What SEO Will Be Like in 2014?

relible seo resellerSEO used to be about only two things: keywords and links. But as search engines improve their algorithms and other functionalities, the game has shifted to a more human approach that will bring in practical and useful results. This change was evident this year.

The coming year is something SEO specialists and companies offering programs for SEO resellers have to watch out for carefully. The change may be gradual, but the little steps can have a massive effect on the business. To give you an idea what SEO will be like for the coming year, below are some of the trends that may go on and improve.

More Social, More Authoritative

SEO is now all about content, and there’s no better way to share content than through social media. Social media is specifically useful if you’re into inbound marketing. So how do you leverage your socials? Keep providing good content. People won’t care about your product, but they will care for the useful things you’ll give. Eventually, those looking at your tips and trivia will become customers.

Mobile Growth is Nonstop

As consumer electronics manufacturers never stop making Internet-ready smartphones and devices, expect that mobile search will grow next year. Add to this is the affordability of these devices. To keep up with the change, you will have to make your web design responsive for mobile devices. You may also choose to create a separate mobile site. This will be particularly crucial for online retailers and bloggers.

Search Engines Will Be Better at Scanning Content

With the recent Hummingbird update on Google’s algorithm, you will have to expect that Google will reward websites with valuable content. This helps searchers get the results they really need. Moreover search engines, will be able to understand the context. For an online marketer, this means investing heavily in online copywriters and smart content management system.

More changes will come, and you will have to make some preparations to counter the impending effects. Especially if you manage an SEO company or you are a reseller of SEO programs.