Want to Solve Bad Breath? Know what Causes it First

bad dental hygieneMany suffer from halitosis or bad breath. It may even lead to complications that worsen one’s overall health and it can affect both children and adults. Know the common causes of bad breath and how to prevent them before it’s too late.


Foods with strong odour affect a person’s breath. Drinking acidic beverages like coffee and eating cheese, fish, exotic spices, onion and garlic lead to smelly breath.

Do not forget to floss and brush your teeth regularly.

Bad dental hygiene

Eating causes some food to get stuck between your teeth. This promotes the build up of plaque, which then leads to swollen gums and eventually, bad breath.

PerthBreathClinic.com.au suggests solving causes of bad breath like this by starting a good dental hygiene.

Decreased flow of saliva

Bad breath is also caused by dry mouth. A lack of saliva flow affects the digestive process and inhibits the removal of odour-causing particles in your mouth.

Check with your doctor if this happens regularly, as you might have salivary gland problems.


Smoking is bad for the teeth and mouth. Aside from staining the teeth, it t also causes bad odour and leads to early tooth decay.

Refrain from smoking or stop entirely. This way, you are also protecting your lungs.


Taking certain medications also cause bad breath. These medicines break down in the body and release chemicals that turn into certain unpleasant smells in the mouth.

Freshen your breath to prevent this from happening.

Respiratory infections

In other cases, swollen lymph nodes, fever, stuffy nose, sore throats and other respiratory infections also lead to halitosis.

Take good care of your body. Take necessary vitamins and supplements to prevent sickness.

Other diseases

Chronic acid reflux and certain cancers produce certain chemicals in our bodies that could lead to an unappealing breath odour.

You might want to consult with your doctor if you think this is causing your bad breath.

Bad breath can affect your relationships and it can also be an indicator of something more serious. Work to solve bad breath now and maintain proper hygiene.