Unique Wedding Venues for Adventurous Couples

Wedding on a mountainWhen it comes to weddings, you have probably seen it all — church weddings, beach weddings, weddings in the Alps, and more. But, have you ever seen a wedding held in a prison? Yes, it is a thing and you might want to consider it for your own wedding.

There are many unusual and fun wedding events and receptions you can choose from and thankfully, they are not limited to just one place anymore. Today, we will discuss some unusual wedding venues in Cornwall that you can choose from.


If you and your significant other are certified bookworms, then you both might want to get hitched in a library. Historic libraries are a great backdrop for wedding photos and can be unforgettable for both the newly weds and the guests. Make sure to do your research, though, to see which public historical libraries allow people to get married on site.

Prison House

Now, this is probably one of the maddest ideas in here, but let us explain. Old prison houses can be a great wedding venue for thrill-seekers and adventurous couples. If you want your wedding to be a bit spooky, then this place sure is the perfect one for you. Who knows, you might even catch a ghost or two during your picture taking as well as in the videos!


Yes, it definitely is possible to be wed underwater and a lot of couples have actually done it. If you and your beau love the underwater so much that you want to be one with it, then go ahead and get hitched under the sea. Just make sure that everyone on your guest list would be comfortable in submerging underwater. Also, you should get a certified diver to help you with the process.

In a Cave

Light up a cave and make it your own wedding venue for a day. The cave is a great backdrop for wedding photos and videos; your wedding album will surely look surreal and unbelievable. Just make sure to ask the local government if you can get hitched in your favourite cave, as there are some that will not allow you to do so. Follow every rule and regulation to make sure you are good to go.

Adding some adventure to your wedding day definitely will not hurt. It will give you and your guests a once in a lifetime experience which surely will be an unforgettable one.