U.S. Employers Seek More Than 285,000 Cybersecurity Professionals

Cybersecurity expertThe number of job postings for cybersecurity professionals in a 12-month period that ended in September 2017 reflected a huge demand for such workers, according to data from CyberSeek.

CyberSeek, which is jointly developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), said that American employers posted 285,681 job vacancies for cybersecurity experts. Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago comprised the top three urban areas with the most job openings.

Security Jobs

Interested parties that seek to establish a career in IT cybersecurity may benefit from the updated CyberSeek career pathway. In addition, certification also helps in landing a job since most employers believe that a certified IT professional performs better than someone without accreditation, according to CompTIA. A Network+ practice test, for instance, helps you achieve this.

In the public sector, there have been 12,100 job openings for cybersecurity professionals for the 12 months ended September. The IT industry has hired a total of 31,634 cybersecurity workers in 2016. The best thing about this type of job involves not having formal education as there are many training resources for people without an IT background, including veterans.

Veteran Employment

Those that served in the military and wish to transition into a private-sector job should consider signing up for cybersecurity training programs. In just 15 weeks or so, some of these training programs help veterans to become qualified for job vacancies.

In Virginia, for example, CyberSeek data showed that there 33,454 job openings for cybersecurity roles. The state launched the Cyber Vets Virginia initiative in November 2016 to bridge the skills gap among military veterans for free.

Cybersecurity has become more relevant due to the rising number of threats. As a result, many companies seek qualified professionals and even those without formal IT knowledge as long as they possess the right skills and mindset.