Types of Content That Will Boost Your Local SEO Ranking

SEO digital marketingMost companies are ignoring local SEO. They erroneously think that this is only useful for small local businesses and has no place in big corporate entities. Local SEO, however, is essential for all businesses regardless of size, especially those with a physical location.

Content is still one of the biggest ranking factors in local SEO. Various SEO companies in Ottawa can help you create content that will optimize your local SEO campaigns. Here are the types of content the experts might recommend:

Press Releases

When handled right, press releases are a powerful tool for your local SEO. When drafting the press release, ensure that your topic captures your specific geographical area. If your release is related to a certain community development program, you stand to benefit significantly. If you’re not writing for a geo-targeted publication outlet, manually focus your publications within the location you are interested in.

Forum Posts

Finding a local forum might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you don’t find a local forum specific to your industry, join a general forum focusing on your geolocation’s issues. Engage other citizens on the forum and continuously create posts that add value to the society. This establishes your authority and boosts your website traffic.

Social Media Updates

Your regular posts, user engagement, and audience size play an important role in boosting your rank from social media updates. Whenever you do something, tag other local businesses on your social media posts. This will optimize local-specific keywords and tags. By getting the local businesses involved, you set yourself apart as a leader in your local business network.

All these content types are very efficient at getting you to the top of local search results. This success, however, doesn’t happen overnight and like conventional SEO, it needs time. By sticking to the right content and with the help of an SEO expert, you can achieve your marketing and overall business goals.