Treatments to Try if the Cold Never Bothered You Anyway

Fat freezing procedure with the patientWe’ve reached a point where technology can be used for almost anything. There are driver-less cars and expeditions in space. Some bridges turn to tunnels. There are also treatments that require extreme temperatures.

If your beauty routine needs a little kick, here are some “cold” remedies to try:

Fat Freezing

It may seem counterproductive, freezing fat for weight loss. After all, butter and oil, when frozen, seem to be more menacing, right? A fat freezing procedure does not leave you with chunks of frozen fat, no. Instead, the fat is frozen to induce “fat cell death.” The result? You get a weight-loss treatment that can target any area of your body.

Using a Cold Cream

Cold creams have been around for ages, and that’s remarkable if you consider how there’s always a new makeup type being marketed these days. But cold creams have stood the test of time and have proven to be an integral part of any person’s makeup routine. The cream is an effective cleanser and makeup remover. Some even use it as a primer. The product is cold to the touch, and many claims that it prevents premature wrinkles.

How do cold creams work? The main ingredient is an emulsion of water in oil, says Patricia Wexler, a dermatological surgeon. Cold cream usually contains equal amounts of water and oil, which allows it to penetrate the outer layer of the skin better than other products.

Spending Time at a Cryosauna

Don’t be alarmed by the word “sauna.” Cryotherapy involves extreme cold, and many swear by its benefits in healing sports injuries and preventing wrinkles. Some even say it helps cure migraines. The freezing treatment is said to heal inflammation and improve the performance of athletes.

Some people love warm weather, while others enjoy the cold. If you’re one of the latter, you will enjoy these beneficial treatments.