Treated Sewage: Reusing and Recycling for Garden Irrigation

Water Sprinkler in a GardenYou have probably heard that the world will face water scarcity in the future. This has led countries like New Zealand to promote water saving techniques and technologies. In fact, you might be practising water saving techniques in your home as well.

Water of the Future

A useful water-saving technique you can make use of in your home is treated sewage recycling and reuse. Countries such as the United States and Australia have started to reuse treated sewage in various industries. Experts, in fact, believe in the potential of treated wastewater and have been pursuing its integration into NZ water services for the past few years.

Wastewater Potential

The consumption of treated wastewater may sound like a strange concept at first. Companies like, a provider of natural wastewater treatment, however, maintain that proper treatment can turn wastewater into a water soluble nutrient for the soil. With the help of the sewage treatment system, cleaning sewage and recycling it for irrigation purposes is possible.

Septic Tank Failure

While septic tank systems are commonplace in NZ, it is possible to encounter problems with the system in the long run. Some of these include odour issues and groundwater contamination that could pose some serious health hazards. With the help of water treatment systems that treat the wastewater, however, it is possible to separate greywater from blackwater.

Greywater is sewage that comes from your laundry, showers and bathroom drains. Blackwater, on the other hand, comes from toilets and kitchen sinks. Natural wastewater treatment systems work by separating the two and treating and cleaning each separately. The finished product can, in fact, serve different purposes such as watering the garden.

Repurposing greywater and sewage is possible. With the help of water treatment systems, households can reuse greywater for garden irrigation purposes and reduce their water bill as well.