Top 3 Cool Treats You Can Whip Up at Home

Halo HaloWhat if I told you that all you need is a lot of shaved ice and a few other ingredients and you could make great-tasting cool treats for the whol family? You don’t need an ice cream maker or a yogurt machine to create yummy desserts that are especially good for the summer months.

If you have a fridge, an ice machine or an Ice o Matic, here are some of the tastiest desserts you can make that you can’t find in your usual ice cream shop:

  • Halo-halo

This Filipino dessert is basically a bunch of sweet ingredients, milk, sugar and shaved or flaked ice. You essentially take ingredients such as sweet beans, red beans, pudding, purple yam, gelatin cubes, sweet bananas and other similar treats and put them in a tall glass or a bowl. Top the ingredients with a bed of flaked ice and pour milk and syrup on top. Let your family mix thm together or choose the ingredients they want!


  • Classic Iced scramble

While this may look like a pink-colored banana smoothie, adding toppings such as powdered milk, rice crispies and a bit of chocolate syrup really elevates this dessert beyond your usual smoothie. You basically have to mix evaporated milk, banana flavouring and some food color with a lot of shaved ice. Put it in a glass and top it off with the crispies, powdered milk and syrup.


  • Iced candy

If you want something you can make in batches in advance and keep in the fridge whenever you want a cool snack, then iced candy is the best option for a cool dessert. It’s basically frozen fruit juice that you suck on. Buy little plastic bags that are shaped like thin tubes about 1-inch in diameter and load them up with your favourite juice. Freeze then take one out to enjoy whenever you need to cool down.

These are just some of the cool treats you can make with te right ingredients and tools. Keep in mind that you have to make enough for everyone!