Tips for Replacing ATV Tires

ATVThese days, motorcycles are still very popular. Thus, buying one can be a tedious process. When choosing an ATV among the farm quad bikes in the market, replacing parts is one of the last things on your mind as a buyer. However, you will need to replace your ATV’s tires if you intend to operate your vehicle safely. Unless it is time to replace stock tires, you might want to consider these things:


First, the grip on the road as you ride your ATV will tell you that you should replace your tires. Also, every time you get on your ride, check how every tire rests on the road and note any damage on the tire surface.

Service Life

Another sign that you should get new tires is when you have used your tires to the end of their life. Therefore, once the ATV tires clock this period, get new ones even if the tires look new.

Types of Tires

All-terrain Tires: These are the best choice if you will be driving in different places from time to time because they can manoeuvre in various terrains easily.

Sand Tires: When riding in areas with plenty of sand, you will find standard tires to be prone to skidding. Sand tires are the ideal choice here, especially for driving in places with thick, loose sand.

Mud Tires: You will need to drive around your farm during the rainy season, and regular tires are not fit for the job. Mud tires have a broad base, which encourages manoeuvrability and reduces the chances of skidding on the muddy ground.

If you own an ATV, you should know when it is time to replace or fix your tires for continued safety when riding. You can get your tires in the same shop where you found quad bikes for sale. However, ensure that the supplier is highly reputable or get durable tires from established brands.