The Right Carpet for Your Home

choosing right carpet for your homeA carpet provides a soft and luxurious feeling under your feet. It also provides a comfortable spot for kids to play on and may even reduce the risk of injury if a child trips or falls. While carpets some maintenance, there is no substitute to the warmth and comfort they provide.

Know the different types of carpeting available to get the right one that is appropriate for your space:

Solid Cut Pile

Solid pile carpet is the most popular choice for builders and contractors. Cut pile is known for its soft appearance, making it an attractive option for families with children. It also provides a cushiony feel and is less susceptible to traffic wear.

Cut and Loop

This type of carpet is ideal for homeowners who like subtle patterns. Cut and loop carpets have a sculptural look with varied levels of top loops and low loops. It is also extremely softer than solid cut pile, but less durable. It is not advisable for homeowners with pets, as claws tend to snag on the loops.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is often pricier than other types of carpeting. It is crafted from continuous fibre loops and is flat and dense. Berber is perfect for high-traffic areas, as it is extremely durable and doesn’t show marks of stains and dirt. The price of the carpets varies depending on the type of fibre and other materials used.


This carpet is a great option for homes that need an additional layer of warmth in harsh climates. Mohair is known for its tendency to shed, however, and will require frequent vacuuming using a carpet brush. Before considering this type of carpet, test your skin’s reaction to the fabric.

Saxony Cut Pile

This type of carpet features individual strands standing straight up to create a flush surface. The only setback of this style is that the strands can be crushed down by feet and vacuuming, leaving impressions on the surface. As Saxony carpets are susceptible to wear and tear, you should only use it in low traffic areas.

Provide a cushioned surface for your home by choosing the right carpets. Contact a reliable carpet store to find the best carpet that suits your needs and your budget.