The Newbie’s Guide to CrossFit Training

weight liftThe first time you step into a CrossFit gym, you might feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed. You’ll spot ripped bodies often showing off their abs and muscles. Don’t worry; they are actually pretty friendly once you get to know them, and CrossFit workouts are extremely satisfying and fun.

Crossfit workouts are constantly changing functional movements performed at high intensities. It is this constant variation and intense nature of functional workout programs that lead you to become more in-tune with higher performance. Here are a few steps and tips to make CrossFit training work for you.


There is a proper form and technique for every movement and exercise. Learning this technique is crucial. Most gyms providing CrossFit will introduce you to the basic movements and requirements for certain body weight movements such as push-ups and pull-ups, or major lifts such as the squat and lift. Watch CrossFit workout videos for a better idea on how to execute a technique. Having the right pair of high quality CrossFit training sneakers is crucial for comfort and execution.


Scale the workouts to slowly get your body used to high intensity workouts. Do this by substituting certain exercises, reducing the number of rounds or repetitions, and decreasing the weight.


Keep eating nutritious meals and a balanced diet to promote your health. This way, you’ll be able to perform better. CrossFit is largely focused on nutrition for maximizing your training. Eat lean protein, including fish, lean beef, and chicken. Consume your daily dose of carbohydrates from fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.


Trust in your trainer and keep a record of your day-to-day performance. CrossFit usually includes 5 to 6 workouts in a week, while rest days are important for healing and recovering from any injuries. Use an online diary or daily planner to record your progress.

Remember that you’re competing against yourself, not others. Don’t be too proud;know your body limits. Make sure during your training session, you have the proper training gear, such as fit and comfortable workout clothes and durable CrossFit shoes.