The Latest Space Tourism Venture

People may soon have a less expensive way to get into space.

World View Enterprises announced its space tourism venture plans that will bring tourists 30km (about 100,000 feet) into the space in what is essentially a space ready air balloon for $75,000.

World Views’ spaceflight

latestThe new project comes from World View which makes equipment for the International Space Station and other space tools.

Chief executive of the company Jane Poynter said the project uses existing technology and the first trip could begin as early as 2016.

Those who want to aboard a space capsule won’t have to undergo training, and they’ll experience a four hour ride.

Interesting market test

The project joins a number of other privately funded space tourism projects, the most popular of which is Virgin Galactic that allows people to experience “weightlessness.”

The selling point is the wonderful view of the Earth, seeing its curve, the blue atmosphere around it, ad the dark void beyond it, she said. The trip isn’t designed for passengers to experience weightlessness.

The capsule’s interior will be roomy enough, where passengers will be free to stand and walk about the cabin.