The Kawaii Culture: How to Dress Like a Harajuku Girl

purchasing fashionable japanese clothingMany people associate Japan with the word “cute,” as the quirkiest fashion trends came from its vibrant cities. Harajuku, for instance, is a shopping area near the Harajuku Station in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. It’s a Sunday hangout for teens and young at heart where they can show their wild, artistic side. In fact, even international Harajuku icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu started her career walking around and showing her unique sense of style.

If you want to bring the Harajuku style out of Tokyo, here are some fashion tips you need to know:

Bright, Lively Colors

Harajuku fashion is all about layers, so it’s much better to overdress. Many Japanese fashion clothing stores online offer a wide selection of tops, skirts, and dresses, so choose those with unique colors and style. Mix your inner shirt with a printed jacket or sweater, and wear a bright-colored skirt, shorts, or leggings. Choose those that are flexible or a size bigger to allow the body to breathe.

Bold Statement

Big foreign text, animals and animal prints, or characters like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Doraemon are among the tops that’ll make you stand out. Mix these with cut-off gloves and arm warmers if you’re not wearing long sleeves. Wear as many rings, bracelets, necklaces, and hairpins as you can to create a decora style.

Socks and Shoes

Platform shoes, colored wedges, and combat boots are some footwear you can match with your outfit. Choose those with big and unique designs, such as laces, studs, and buckles. Wear knee-high socks with stripes, polka dots, and other wild designs to make it lively.

The Harajuku style is a trend people around the world follow. This is why many Japanese fashion clothing shops online are on-hand to solve their fashion needs. The stores ship internationally, so anyone can be a Harajuku girl.