The Independence in Indie Music

playing music in audacityMuch has been said about the people who are part of the indie culture. Those outside the circle view them as individuals with refined taste. This might have stemmed from these indie guys’ resistance to mainstream culture, philosophy, and being selective when it comes to subjects like fashion, books, and music.

Music is the most defining characteristic of this subculture. If you don’t hear it elsewhere, it’s probably indie. If the lyrics are too vague or profound, it’s probably indie. Putting such labels aside, what is admirable about the producers of this music is their independence. Thus, the word “indie” is epitomized well. If you’re wondering about how indie musicians produce and distribute their tracks, below are some of the things that will help you learn more about it.

It All Starts At the Garage or Basement

As indie musicians normally don’t have the big bucks and the connections to record their music in a decent and well-equipped studio, they initially settle with what they have. Some furnish their garage or their basement to make it look like a recording studio. They also download recording software like free Audacity.

Gigs and More Gigs

Gigs are ideal venues for indie artists to sell their music. These are also where music critics frequent, and it’s the musicians’ aim to get their attention rather than earning money just for a night. If you’re an indie musician, invest in establishing connections with gig and music festival organizers.

Going Back to College

College radio has a diverse music audience. Indie musicians find it easy to enter this market, as young audiences are always open to new music. What an artist should take care of is the connection.

Thanks to the Internet!

The Internet, indeed, has made communication easier. Indie musicians benefit from it by distributing their works across the Web through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This doesn’t stop there, as the distribution can go social. Viewers and listeners can voice out their responses to the music by simply liking or commenting.

Indie music may not be something everyone can relate to. The independence and the perseverance, however, are things people should learn from them. Their resourcefulness is another matter. Not everyone is bold enough to download free Audacity for Windows and create his own brand of music.