The Ghosts of Charleston are Stirring This Halloween

Halloween pumpkin lightCharleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and its rich history, filled with tragedy and horror, has brought about vengeful spirits and restless ghosts. The unknown is beckoning and there’s no better time to search for spirits than Halloween.

Charleston’s Dark Past

Charleston’s past is filled with stories about tragic accidents, horrible crimes, and wrongful deaths. Tours around the city can give you a better picture of the city’s dark secrets. Serial killers walked the streets preying on the innocent, pirates raided ships and filled their decks with bloodstained riches, and the wails of children rang as they burned in a tragic fire. Prisoners were left to starve in payment for their crimes and actors lamented the burning of their theatre even as they died.

Ghosts of Charleston

Tragedy brings about ghosts and spirits, and this holds especially true for Charleston. The spirit of Lavinia Fisher — America’s 1st female serial killer — still waits for unwary travelers. Visitors looking for a quiet place to rest are confronted by a headless apparition. The cries of children still echo from where their burned orphanage once stood. Charleston hosts many tragic spirits — both malicious and benign — but all are chilling to behold.

Seeking the Spirits

A guided tour of the city will bring you to many of these haunted places. Feel despair, agony, and horror as you listen to harrowing stories of old days past. However, a tour of Charleston will not simply end in dry land. The city is one of the few places where ghosts appear in both land and sea, so a haunted ghost tour in Charleston, SC is not complete without going into the deep murky waters. Hear stories of pirates, naval battles, and tragic mishaps as you sail into the same waters where these events happened.

A haunted tour will bring you chills and excitement as you catch a glimpse of the old city’s history. The presence of spirits will make you feel more alive even as fear grips your soul. Halloween is coming, and there’s no better place to see spirits than Charleston.