The Differences between Aluminium and Steel Garage Roller Doors

Aluminium garage roller doorThe majority of home-owners are wiser in their purchasing decisions these days, even when it comes to garage doors. They discovered the many advantages offered by garage roller doors in Auckland. This includes the security and space-saving benefits of its vertical opening, as well as, quiet operation. However, they would have to choose between roller garage doors made from aluminium and steel materials. To help you pick the right one for your home, here are the vast differences between each:

Steel Roller Garage Doors

The manufacturers of steel roller garage doors construct these from massive sections of single skin sheet steel. They connect these every 750mm to develop a continuous curtain before they affix and roll it around a skeleton drum to create a roller garage door.

The design of this entire roller door is fairly simple and quite lightweight to operate. When the door needs to be electrically operated, they can just bolt a simple motor system onto one end of the roller door. They can then use a remote control handsets or control box to manage these.

Aluminium Roller Doors

Virtually every aluminium roller garage door is made from single, double skinned slats that have a core filled with foam and are nearly 19mm thick. These types of material can be used in different applications because it comes in several varied-sized slats to pick from. It is also available in nearly any colour that you can see in paint finishes, aside from a great selection of wood-grain finished laminate coatings.

In the end, the type of material you choose will depend on your own preference. You can also base your decision on which of their individual advantages you mostly prioritise. Whether you choose aluminium or steel for your home, you will still reap the main benefits this type of garage door has to offer.