Survival 101: Your Guide to Enjoying Your Horror House Experience

horror houseWith so many horror amusement parks to look forward to this year, you and your friends will never run out of ideas on how to spend Halloween week. But before you head down to the haunted dungeons, you might want to consider these things.

Ask yourself, why am I doing this?

Some people choose horror theme parks as their holiday destination because the terror gives them an odd kind of fascination that others cannot relate to. If you are only doing it to impress your friends, then reconsider.

Keep in mind that the time inside those creepy pathways will feel like a lifetime. SentosaSpooktacular says that visitors could be treading through 15-20 minutes of prolonged fear and suspense each time. So if you are doing it not for the fun, then do not do it at all. Better come off as the “chicken” of the group than experience a heart attack at a sight of a bloody head later on.

Remember that ghosts do not exist

Yes, once you are in there, it will be hard to remember that the moaning ghost standing in front of you is actually a stunt actor under layers of makeup and fake blood. Even if you do remember, it will not make it any less terrifying – or less life like.

Although this can add to the fun, people with weaker hearts might be overwhelmed by the realistic theatricality of it all and end up running – or worse, passing out – halfway. Intense films have the same effect on the faint-hearted audience.

Do not go alone

Better yet, make it a group activity. Screaming together in a haunted hallway full of floating heads can be a good way to bond – and gives you blackmail material to tease your friends with later. That is, if their scream was louder than yours.

It would also be okay to go with your special someone so you can hold on to them if a hand of a decapitated bride creeps up behind you. Plus, a familiar face during these heart-stopping moments will let you have a better time.

Do something fun afterwards

By fun, it no longer means activities where your heart feels like it is pounding a hundred times a second. Let your heart rest and cool down. This is the time you should get back to reality and do familiar activities, like shopping and forming a mountain of fries in your favourite fast food chain – anything to ease the trauma off.

But the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Appreciate the suspense, as well as the art, of the whole show. Once you start to truly enjoy the experience, no headless ghoul can send you running.