Study: C-Sections May Boost Child’s Risk Of Obesity

Child’s Risk Of Obesity

Image by Myles Grant

Babies born by Caesarean section are more likely to struggle with their weight as adults, according to a large analysis.

Increase in weight

The largest study of its kind found the risks of being overweight or obese were around 22% higher for those born by C-section when compared with those delivered normally.

“It is an increase of five in 100, which is a significant concern,” said Dr Matthew Hyde, one of the researchers, in a statement.

“It is only a half unit increase in BMI, but if you have that increase across a population you’ll see a large increase in weight and the well publicized side-effects.”

Long-term outcomes

The review of 38,000 births, published in PLoS One, showed that for every 100 normal deliveries, 60 adults would go on to be obese or overweight.

But out of every 100 born through C-sections, there would be 65.

The study, however, cannot prove that C-section makes people fatter as other factors could be at work.