Streamlining Meetings: Efficiency and Productivity

meetingMeetings are an integral component of organisational affairs. These gatherings help decision makers and employees identify problems and determine where the organisation currently stands. These promote collaborations, as well.

Meetings eat too much time, especially if goals are not defined well. Occasionally, the time that is supposed to be allotted for real work is wasted on debates and pointless discussions in meetings.

Every manager should learn how to streamline meetings and make them more efficient and productive. Here are some tips:

Define the Agenda

Meetings are supposed to have a defined set of objectives. This will serve as the gathering’s compass and keep people from getting side-tracked. If you have agendas, you will get to cover the most important issues first. Be sure to send the agenda to the people concerned, at least a day in advance. It will help the set their expectations and come up with insightful contributions.

Impose Punctuality

Encourage first, but if people keep on getting late, impose. A lot of time is wasted in recapping points to latecomers. Be sure to start on time. Keep track of how much time is dedicated to one particular issue.

Be Focused on One Issue at a Time

Discussing irrelevant things may be inevitable, but you have to remind everyone that the meeting is dedicated to a specific set of goals. If people keep on bringing other things to the table, show them the written agenda.

Use Other Means

There are other means to make meetings efficient and productive. Bulleted presentations are one of them. If you think that the organisation can go on without any meeting at a time, just circulate memos. Companies like Internet Solutions recommend web conferencing for managers dealing with remote staff, as this will keep them from spending on travel expenses.

Meetings are important for the growth of an organisation. Long and pointless ones, however, may do more harm than good. Keep these tips in mind to make your own assemblies and consultations more efficient.