Staying Healthy Amid High-Risk Pregnancy

Despite technological advancements, the country faces quite a grim picture when it comes to pregnancy. This comes after news reports have shown recent statistics depicting the increase in maternal deaths in the country since 1990. The findings came as a shock to experts, especially as the US is the only developed country that’s facing this problem.

pregnant womanThere are many reasons behind this alarming figure, but one of those is the increase in number of high-risk pregnancies across the 50 states. With the different factors that make pregnancies complicated, it’s quite understandable why the figures ended up that way.

With that said, there is a greater need for all would-be mothers to take care of your bodies during these nine critical months, particularly in high-risk cases. To address this, Old Farm Obstetrics & Gynecology provides a few tips on how you can stay healthy during this period:

Consult your health care provider

The first thing you should do is work closely with your doctor. It’s important that you have an experienced medical professional giving you counsel with what you should and shouldn’t do while you’re pregnant.

Doctors advise scheduling preconception appointments to make sure that everything’s in check before you enter the phases of pregnancy.

Be sure to seek prenatal care on a regular basis so that you can monitor you and your baby’s health.

Regulate your diet

Your diet plays a key role in providing nourishment for your baby. Pregnant women, in general, need some extra folic acid, iron, and calcium among other essential nutrients. You can take daily prenatal vitamin supplements prescribed by your doctor.

Watch your habits

Pregnancy is also a time when you have to observe your habits and stop the bad ones. This means quitting on your cigarettes and your night caps. Beyond this, be sure you’re observing proper posture to avoid straining your body.

With these tips, you can avoid – or at least, lessen – the risks that come with pregnancy. Simple as these may seem, these are ways to combat what the statistics show.