Splitting Hairs: The Difference of Hair Styling Success

hair styleElevating something to an art form can either be the highest praise or the most personal insult anyone can give another person. Taking something that looks mundane and ordinary, and turning it into an expression of skill that yields services and products with better quality and beauty. In all the industries of the world, there are very few examples that had better demonstrate this phenomenon better than hair styling.

Elevating Style

Cutting hair can be as simple as taking a pair of scissors, but it’s become so much more than that, and is currently one of the biggest international industries the world has ever known. But, what sets hair styling salons apart from other industries that allowed it to gain so much respect? One word – professionalism.

This isn’t the business-type of professionalism though; it’s the fun kind that lets customers know that they’re getting good service without getting stuffy or formal. There’s certainly a business atmosphere, but it doesn’t lose that feeling of community and closeness that make people want to go to such establishments in the first place.

It’s actually quite easy for businesses to achieve a level of professionalism without losing the spirit of the business. Successful salons credit their professional ambiance to three elements: decoration, uniforms, and cards.

Building Professionalism

The importance of interior and exterior decorations is self-evident; new customers won’t enter a salon if it looks like a warehouse. Customers also use the decorations as a guide for deciphering the style of the salon. If the stylists specialise in colourful, trend-setting cuts, then the decorations should reflect that in order to attract clients that would appreciate those styles more.

Stylistic walls won’t do much good by themselves, though; the people should help carry the desired image as well by wearing uniforms. Nothing says professionalism like uniforms, because it shows that the managers want people to know who their stylists are, and that they’re serious about establishing an identity.

Finally, cards are not only a great way to aid word of mouth, but they reinforce the idea that the salon is a step above most businesses. Business cards give a business a tone of formality, but it’s a small enough implement that it doesn’t drown out the fun a salon should have.

Maintaining the balance between formality and fun isn’t really that hard, as long as the business stays true to their own image, the business aspect will take care of itself.