Social Media Makes Marketing for Businesses Easier

Social media continues to change the way people find, connect, and share information. According to a market research by Chadwick Martin Bailey*, 75% of people are more likely to share online content with friends, colleagues, or family members. This puts social media at the forefront of the current online marketing landscape.

Social media is word of mouth reinforced by technology. A brand revolves around customers’ opinions rather than what you say about it, as social network users share online content that they find relevant to their interests. With the strong connections of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, many search marketing companies are turning to these networks in creating trust signals and building brands.

This poses the question: How does an SEO outsourcing company target posts to segment its audience on the social media scene? Let’s start with new features that brought social media marketing to a different level:

Facebook for Business Hub

Ever since Facebook emerged, the social media giant has been constantly updating the provide users a better venue for connecting and sharing information to others. This is what the new hub is all about.

Facebook for Business serves as centralized platform for announcements and case studies. The hub features content spread across the site to fuel market education and make information more accessible for business users. It provides tips on making an effective Facebook marketing platform based on your goals. The hub is designed with different levels of sophistication to meet your business needs, whether you’re a first-time Facebook advertiser or a savvy social marketer.

Ad Retargeting on Twitter

Twitter takes paid search up a notch with a new approach to ad retargeting. The social network site focuses on displaying relevant ads by collecting browser-based cookies and email identification. This allows the site to connect users with business ads that match their interests.

The retargeted ads are much like regular tweets, but with an advantage of helping businesses reach current and potential followers. These promoted tweets can appear on user timelines and search results, which, in turn, provide better brand visibility to a market segment. With this new ad retargeting, you can easily optimize tweets based on interests, location, and even specific mobile or desktop devices.

Browser Tracking with Pinterest

While social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter have taken their respective steps in social media marketing, Pinterest has a more personal approach to user experience. The networking site recently developed new features to help users see and recommend rich pins for more information on products, movies, recipes, and many more.

Ke Chen, Pinterest software engineer, says these new features aim to suggest boards to make pins a hit. The site’s browser feature will use log data, cookies, and device information to personalize pins and boards that users can see. This gives you better opportunities to connect pins from other users based on interests, location, and even gender.

Subscribe Buttons on YouTube

A great video can take a brand into a whole new level and propel it into a high position within social media. It’s simply not enough to have a well-made and edited video, though. You need subscribers to gain attention across your target market. This is what YouTube’s new subscribe buttons aim to change.

YouTube’s one-click embeddable subscribe buttons allow users to view your channel without leaving your site or logging in directly to YouTube to confirm their subscription. The subscribe button links to channel pages, making it easier to build followers and get more exposure. This new feature adds a nice touch to your site while improving functionality of your channel.

Maximizing Your Social Media Strategy

Using a broader mix of social tools as part of your overall marketing efforts can drive more results. It takes time to convert users into followers and loyal customers. It’s also not just about the tools or strategies you use, but it also focuses on how you get to know your target audience to create a buzz on the social media scene. This is why working with trusted companies like can be helpful to your business. They provide a range of solutions that can drive a brand in the social media landscape.