Sensitive Teeth: What to Do to Turn the Ouch to Aaahhh

Sensitive TeethYou want a taste of the super creamy and refreshing gelato your friends have been raving about, but you just cannot risk it. You know how that single touch of coldness in the mouth will send a sharp pain down the nerves of your teeth.

Tooth sensitivity.

If drinking cold water or just plain brushing or flossing causes excruciating pain, you are likely suffering from a common dental condition called sensitive teeth. But, you do not have to endure the pain. In fact, there are many ways to minimise the pain and improve dental health. Dentists from Botanics Dental Care share the most common reasons why you are experiencing tooth sensitivity and steps you can take to lessen the pain in the discussion that follows:

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

• You brush too hard — Brushing too hard or with a hard-bristled toothbrush can lead to tooth sensitivity. When the protective sheet of the teeth wears down over time, it bares the hollow tubes connected to the dental nerves. As the tubes are exposed to hot or cold food or drinks, you know what happens: sharp pain in the teeth.
• You have gum disease — Gingivitis refers to inflammation of the gums. Left untreated, the condition can and will most likely lead to periodontitis. A telltale sign of periodontitis is sensitive teeth. As the gums weaken, the dentine or the tubes inside the teeth are left exposed.
• You have excessive plaque — Severe build-up of plaque will cause the enamel to wear away. Because the tooth is not protected by the enamel anymore, it becomes more sensitive.

Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

It is important to talk to a dentist so that they can perform specific examinations and assess the symptoms of your tooth sensitivity. Most dentists, though, recommend special desensitising products to help ease the symptoms.

Some dentists apply fluoride gels. These are painted onto the teeth to provide an extra layer of protection. You may need to go to the dentist many times, as sensitivity may take time to settle.

Dentists may also recommend root canal treatment. If your sensitive teeth causes too much pain and the mentioned treatments prove ineffective, the dentist may suggest this procedure. Dentists will treat problems in the pulp, the tooth’s centre, which is composed of connective tissues and cells.

You do not have to endure tooth sensitivity. Do not deprive yourself of ice cream and caffeine! Go to your dentist now and learn about all positive solutions.