Recharging Fire Extinguishers: Why, When, and How

Do you want to know the secret to fire safety? You should recharge your fire extinguisher immediately after use. This applies to every single time you use it, and it is the one rule that you must never break when it comes to fire safety.

fire extinguisherThe truth is that you can never really tell when fire incidents may occur. When they do, you definitely do not want to leave yourself in an unfortunate situation and discover that your fire extinguisher is not up to the task. By keeping them in proper working order, you eliminate the risk of losing your valuables, and even suffering casualties, in the event of fires.

The Why

Fire extinguishers should never be mere decorations around the home or office. This is what they end up as when not maintainedproperly. During annual inspections, it is often necessary to discharge the fire extinguishing agent. This is to ensure that discharging mechanisms and the pressure gauges are in proper working order.

The When

The best way to determine if you need to refill a unit is to perform regular self-inspections. Also, it is important that you refill or recharge dry chemical fire extinguishers once you use them. It does not even matter how little you use them. What matters is that you keep them in amply charged so that they will be service-ready whenever the need arises.

The How

The recharging process involves refilling the unit with a dry chemical extinguisher agent. Oftentimes, it involves emptying out the container altogether. If you do not have a recharging unit, it may be better to just leave the job to the experts.

Fire safety precautions fall upon the shoulders of both building and private homeowners. It is one thing to have fire extinguishers, and it is another thing to have ones that are in proper working condition. This is why you need to recharge their fire extinguishers after use. Always keep in mind that it pays to be ready.