Reasons Why Some People Can’t Lose Those Extra Pounds

Woman pinching her side belly fatsToday, people are becoming more conscious about their health. With the continuous appearance of fat-burning programs, you would think that being overweight and unhealthy is not an option. However, as promising as that thought might be, there are still quite some people who are finding it hard to lose the extra pounds even with a medical weight loss program in Parker, Colorado.

You may be wondering how could this idea be possible considering some programs and diet plans made available today. To shed some light on this issue, here are some possible reasons why you find it hard to lose weight.

Fatigue and Stress

Anxiety, stress, and other unpleasant emotions reduce the body’s ability to produce substances and enzymes that are responsible for regulating cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that controls a person’s metabolism and immune system. Unfortunately, a person’s emotional and psychological state affects its overall function. That’s why it is not enough to simply exercise, but also to look after your own psychological needs.


Hypothyroidism is a medical condition characterized by an under-active thyroid, a hormone responsible for burning fat. It is often caused by many things such as autoimmune diseases, removal of the thyroid, iodine deficiency, and prescription drug. The poor performance of this particular area may greatly affect the phase of your metabolism causing you to gain more weight especially if a person is not active physically.

Body’s Reaction and Function

Another possible reason for this dilemma is the fact that every person’s body reacts differently to the food they consume every day. This could be attributed to their hormones and their day-to-day activities. They claimed fitness programs are not one-size-fits-all. Thus, it is important to find out which particular program matches with your body’s ability to burn fat. This is why you have to consult experts first before you start with anything.

Remember that fitness programs vary depending on your body’s ability and activeness. Paleo diets may work for some but not for you because your body requires other things. Before you schedule for a medical weight loss appointment in Parker, Colorado, make sure to have your doctor’s approval first. By doing so, you can guarantee positive results.