Realizing the Savings: Why Your Business Should Go Green

New York can lead the nation in green jobs and energy efficiency programs, says a Wall Street firm that marketed affordable housing investments in the Big Apple. There’s capital looking for sound investment opportunities, and there are many investors who want to go green. Many building efficiency technologies represent attractive investment opportunities with a payback period of three to four years.

Don’t let your company fall behind. Here are the reasons you should jump into the green economy and get help from a property management firm in NY:

Boost Image and Reputation

Clients and investors notice when companies make an effort to implement green practices to help the environment. This leaves a lasting impression on them, as it shows dedication to more than just making profit. Going green shows that your business is investing to protect the communities you serve.

Make the Most of Tax Incentives

Business owners receive incentives for buying hybrid cars, doing renovations that reduce costs for heating, cooling, and lighting. As early as May of 2000, New York State passed the country’s first Green Building Tax Credit where there’s a 25-million dollar tax credit for building owners who meet energy, indoor air quality, water conservation, appliance, and size criteria. It aims to promote the incorporation of green building technologies into standard design, operation, and maintenance practices among building owners.

Get Access to Grants and Loans Easily

Many local businesses are now going green as they can apply for grants and funding to further establish their business. Organizations, like the U.S. Department of Energy, offer financial assistance in the form of grants and loans to small businesses and farms who are implementing green practices. These programs offer money for entrepreneurs looking to start a green business and are taking the necessary steps to go green.

Energy efficiency is a low-cost option to reduce US carbon emissions. Applying green practices to your workplace creates a healthy environment for employees, minimizes unnecessary waste, and realizes the role that businesses play in leading the way for social change. Go green now and get help from a property management company to ensure efficient energy-saving practices.