Quality Tank Inspection Program: Recordkeeping and Evaluation

Inspectors checking a fuel tankAlmost every facility that uses aboveground storage tanks abide by the Spill Prevention Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC) requirements regulated by the EPA. At the same time, the federal law mandates these facilities to incorporate a quality tank inspection program.

It can be difficult to control a satisfactory aboveground steel tank inspection program. Luckily, there are similar themes all through the different EPA guidelines and publications. Heartland Tank Services cites some of them.


Recordkeeping is a critical aspect that the EPA inspectors will examine in detail when they assess the SPCC plan of your facility. Your facility must at least store written inspection processes, as well as a marked document of every testing and inspection for the last three years. The most applicable industry standard for every type of equipment dictates documentation or inspection processes and periods.


Evaluation is the main reason you are doing everything to pass the standards. Quality tank integrity programs display an extensive knowledge of every tank on site and aim to surpass the bare minimum. Skilled managers know that tank analysis is more than checking your tank for product leaks and ticking off boxes on a checklist. They understand that inspection is a fundamental component for preventive maintenance.

Scheduled inspections employ skilled inspectors who have particular certifications, which make the inspections as important as periodic analyses. Your site personnel must be trained enough to have the capacity to discern potential tank problems that need immediate or future action. Even though most of your staff can recognize a spill or leak, they are also required to determine problems that caused the leak for future reference.

The EPA expects your employees to be more knowledgeable regarding potential problems they might face and the way they can resolve it. Now that you have an idea regarding the acceptable guidelines to employ, you will feel safer knowing that your facility is following the correct standards.