Protesters, Police Clash In Brazil As World Cup Begins

Brazilian police and protesters clashed hours before the World Cup opener. Five people were reportedly injured as excitement for the event arose in the country.

Steady Unrest

brazil-fifaEven during the preparation, several protests broke out across the country. They were directed to the apparent disregard to the plight of the nation. Protesters claimed that resources that should have been used to improve the welfare of common Brazilian people were directed to the development of World Cup stadium.

‘FIFA Go Home’

About 1,000 protesters marched in Rio de Janeiro to raise awareness about their plight. They carried the country’s flags and signs which read “FIFA go home.” Other demonstrations were also staged in other cities.

In one protest, about five were injured as the tensions worsen. Police reportedly fired tear gas, rubber bullets and noise bombs just to disperse the demonstrators.

The World Cup will run for the rest of June and until July 14, when the finals will be held.