Print vs. LED Billboard Advertising: Which is the Better Publicity Method?

LED BillboardEven now when online marketing is all the rage, print and billboard advertising still yield great results. But to maximize a brand’s exposure, choosing between print and LED advertising is a complicated endeavor. The right choice depends on the business’s goals and how much the owner is willing to spend.

Ups and Downs of LED Billboards

LED billboards dominate the immediate skyline of Tokyo, London, New York and other financial capitals of the world. Why? There is just something eye-catching about big, lit-up-to-10 LED displays. Although it has been blamed for leading drivers off the road, this has been debunked by a detailed study conducted by FHWA.

According to Lightking Outdoor, LED billboards catch the attention of everyone. It doesn’t matter which social class they belong to, people are bound to be curious about the large illuminating display. In addition, LED billboards are easier to update.

Merits and Demerits of Print Ads

When newspaper became something more than a source of news, it started to be a medium for print ads. For as long as anyone remembers, there have always been logos and promos of various companies in a daily. Even more so, the exposure isn’t limited to six seconds or less. Everybody can view the ads any time they want.

Cheap as it is, ads in newspapers have to share space with other companies. It’s also more forgettable because, frankly, it’s small. In addition, if put side by side with an LED billboard, the bigger, brighter one will always win.


Even a traditionalist will give LED billboard the victory. Simply put, it’s just moving with the times. Paper publications are slowly being pushed out by their online counterparts. LED ads maybe pricier, but for a few seconds, companies own a large piece of screen where their services are on display for everyone to see.