Planning a Quick Weekend Getaway

travelWhen you’re feeling stress after a busy workweek, an occasional spontaneous trip may take the fatigue away. Your schedule may not let you have a normal one or two-week vacation. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Mini vacations may not allow for an in-depth sightseeing. These short weekend trips, however, may give you a chance to relax near the waters or take short strolls.

Choose a Random Destination

Remember that since you’re being spontaneous, it only means you can’t be too picky. While you may have many places in mind, stay open to the ones you haven’t thought of. Choose a random destination but make sure it still fits the kind of vacation you want

Leave on a Thursday

Instead of Friday, start the weekend vacation on Thursday. This way, you can save money. Leaving on Thursday usually means lower rates for plane tickets and more affordable hotel rooms, vacation packages, and rental cars.

Travel at the Last Minute

Consider traveling last minute. This may be more difficult especially if you’re bringing your kids with you. Airlines and hotels usually offer great discounted rates for last minute bookings. Be thorough when choosing which ones to book.

Look for Budget-Friendly Activities

Find some budget-friendly activities to do. Some of these may include a visit to national or state parks, amusement parks, and camping. Also, since it’s just a short trip, look for a place nearby that you can reach by driving instead of flying. You’ll have more time to bond with your family during the car ride.

Rest Well

Have a relaxing weekend by getting as much rest as you can. Don’t cram a lot of things to do into a single weekend trip. Doing this will offer a refreshing pick-up instead of being more tired after the trip. You can save money, too. Read a novel by the beach as you watch your children play or bask in the sun.

Go During Off-Peak Seasons

Travel to places when it’s not the peak season. Prices will be much lower during these times.

Life is no fun without a bit of spontaneity. If you’ve always wanted to visit a new, exciting place, go ahead and plan a quick trip. Stay within your budget by travelling by land and booking cheap accommodations. Have fun with your family, reenergise, be ready to come back to work fresh and ready.