Placement Options for Grab Bars in Your Bathroom

a bathroom with a grab bar and bathing chairMore than 50 percent of falls in residential areas happen in the bathroom. Ensuring the bathroom is a safe place for all people, regardless of their mobility, is a must for homeowners. One such way of doing this is by installing grab bars in your bathroom and in other pertinent areas of your homes.

Grab bars, such as those from, allow bathroom users to maintain their balance in the toilet and minimize exhaustion while standing in the shower. The efficiency of bathroom grab bars depends on which areas and corners they are installed. Below are some ideal areas in the bathroom for installing grab bars.

Near the Toilet

Two grab bars are commonly installed near the toilet. One grab bar would be placed parallel to the floor approximately five to six inches above the toilet seat. The other one is positioned perpendicularly to the end of the first bar. This second bar should extend no less than 16 inches above the first bar.

Shower Stalls

Your shower stall needs a vertical bar inside the door jambs at the point where the shower door closes. Inside the shower stall, you will have two grab bars. The first one would be installed horizontally on the side wall, 34 to 36 inches above the ground. The other grab bar is a vertical that would be placed next to the faucet to provide support when adjusting the water’s flow.

Bathroom and Shower Combination

This setup is mostly similar to the shower stall. The difference is that the vertical bar is placed on the end wall, which is opposite to the faucet wall. The horizontal bar should be installed lower than the one in the shower stall at approximately 30 inches above the floor of the tub.

With these recommended specifications, you can ensure the safety of your bathroom for everyone. To guarantee that the grab bars are securely attached, always have them professionally installed. There are various style options available nowadays so you need not worry that the bars will dull your bathroom’s look.