A Partnership of Love: What Every Couple Should Do Before the Wedding

A wedding is truly one of the most important events in someone’s life. This is the reason many couples tend to be extremely excited when organizing this big event. To make the wedding planning months stress-free, below are some of the important things every couple should know:

wedding invitationNever Cram

Ask any newlywed couple you know about the key to a successful wedding and they’ll say the same thing: planning. Plan everything ahead before the wedding date. Do not cram to save yourself from crying spells and headaches.

Buy a Datebook

Set a particular date by which you want to get things done. Try to accomplish as much as possible in the first few months, so the month before your big day won’t be that hectic.

Have a Special Day for Planning

Make sure to set aside time when you’ll focus on your wedding details. Sit down together and plan. It’s not good to leave all the planning to yourself while your partner sits back and relax. Both of you should be involved in the process every step of the way. Create a list that needs to be done and divide it in half.

You can take care of the flowers, cake, and self-designed cards while your husband-to-be can choose what he wants to do. Sharing duties is a great way to make him feel that it’s his wedding too and not just some event he has to show up at.

Clarify all the Details with the Suppliers

When dealing with wedding vendors, caterers, photographers, florists, and other wedding professionals, make sure to discuss all your expectations in detail. Negotiate the best deals for services and other goods and read the fine print on every contract before you sign. Know the cancelation policies and fees just in case you need to postpone the wedding.

Stay Organized

Store all your wedding information in one place. Make sure to keep all contracts, receipts, and other important things so you won’t get so frantic.

Marriage is a partnership of love. So before your wedding day, make sure to talk with each other and plan everything together to make your wedding event a success.