Not Just Meditation: Understanding the Holistic Approach to Wellness

WellnessWhen we say holistic health, some immediately picture a woman meditating in a room filled with fragrant incense. They envision her with her eyes closed, humming while she takes a deep breath every five seconds.

Little do some of us know, holistic health is more than just meditation—it’s a different and innovative approach to health.

Defining holistic in terms of wellness

Holistic health is not just a treatment—it’s a philosophy. WebMD’s definition of the term includes the following: “ Holistic health is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.”

It is also a belief that both an individual’s physical and mental aspects contribute to his entire wellbeing. Holistic health practitioners believe that maintaining good health should not focus on the treatment itself—it should revolve around the approach. Holistic health includes a patient’s spiritual and emotional aspects during treatment.

Holistic medicine steers away from conventional treatment. and other holistic centres encourage patients to try this alternative approach to wellness.

Principles of the holistic approach

Holistic health believes that emotional and spiritual support, combined with unconditional love, is a powerful healer. This approach bears the belief that each individual is responsible for his own wellness. Other principles include the following:

• Everyone possesses the power to heal themselves
• Each patient is not a disease
• Treatment should not just focus on the physical needs; it should also involve the patient’s mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
• Treatment does not only alleviate the symptoms, it fixes the condition

The advantages of going holistic

The holistic approach focuses not on the disease—it also considers a person’s whole being. This treatment focuses on the root cause of each disease; the main priority is to lead a patient towards wellness through wholeness and healthy living.

Other benefits include:

• Improvement of overall health
• Awareness of eco-friendly needs
• Chemical-free treatments
• Quicker pain relief
• Uses more natural methods and other non-invasive treatments

Holistic treatment offers improvements for patients suffering from illnesses, such as ovarian cancer. It also provides relief for eye-conditions, such as glaucoma.

You’ll find a variety of holistic treatments available. If you want an alternative approach to health, holistic is the way to go.