Not just for Cars: The Art of turning Your Garage Space into a Lifestyle Room

Many garages in America don’t really serve their main purpose. It’s a common to see homeowners parking their cars outside, leaving the garage either empty, full of stored junk, or as something else.

The more creative, practical approach to this is to turn unused garage space into an entirely different room. With the help of do it yourself (DIY) projects and buying furniture from discount clubs like DirectBuy Greenville, creating a home extension this way will cost significantly less than traditional renovation methods.

Evaluating the Space

One of the first things to consider before doing any drastic changes to your garage is to evaluate the space. If it’s a one-car garage, you probably want to reconsider turning it into something else. After all, where will you park your car if the weather is really bad or if you have to leave for a while? It’s still a good idea to keep enough space for your vehicle in case you need to put your car in for safety.

On the other hand, if you have a larger garage that could fit two or more cars, you can easily convert maybe half of the place into a different room while still leaving ample room for your vehicle to park when needed. The amount of space you have left may directly affect your decisions in converting your extra garage space.

Making the Most of Things

Typically, garages are for cars and no other purpose. That’s why there are some things to remember when turning it (or a part of it) into something else. You have to decide what you want to do with that new room, and adjust things accordingly.

The flooring, for instance, is most likely concrete which simply won’t do when you want to turn the room into something else entirely. By going to shops like Greenville Direct Buy, you get a number of different flooring options depending on what you want the room to be. For example, wall to wall carpets work best in bedrooms and game rooms, while hardwood and laminate work great for home offices.

Lastly, before doing anything, you should also consider any state or federal laws you need to follow. Securing required documentation such as building permits and following building codes are just some of the things you have to take note of.

Websites like offer memberships that allow you to buy brand name products at unbelievably large discounts. With a bit of effort and patience, you can turn your garage or a part of it into your dream lifestyle room in no time.