More Colors, More Curves: Equestrian Fashion Trends of the Decade

Equestrian FashionWithin the world of equestrian fashion, there are many types of apparel styles — the Western show riders’ flashy sequined outfits, fox the hunters’ bright red coats, and much more.

Whatever the style, riders are always considered to be well dressed. In fact, we might even go as far as saying equestrians are fashion forward, even inspiring tall boots and breeches for everyday wear.

If you want to be part of the fashion-forward crowd and stay looking your best in the saddle, here are some trends you need to incorporate into your wardrobe:

Colorful English Show Clothes

Equestrian show clothes have always been conservative and plain. Jackets are always brown, navy blue or gray in color. Now, English equestrian fashion is starting to incorporate splashes of color. Shops like, for instance, have aqua, berry, and even printed shirts, as well as colorful liners to jackets.

Longer Show Coats That Hug Curves

Before, boxy and short hunter-jumper show coats have always been the norm. In recent years, the shape and style of coats are noticeably changing, as it leans toward a combination of jumper and dressage styles. Double-vent backs and single-breasted fronts are popular in jumper rings, and riders are opting for longer coats that fit nicely, hug curves, and lengthen the overall silhouette.

Technologically Advanced Shirts and Breeches

From shirts and breeches to jackets and hats, there are new technologies in equestrian fashion and it’s benefitting riders everywhere. Some apparel works to block the harmful ultraviolet rays, since equestrians are typically exposed. Others have breathable layers that keep riders cool during warm days. Fabrics, on the other hand, provide warmth during cooler days, while others have seat grip technology that’s perfect for shows.

Before, equestrian clothes have always been about formless coats and blending in with the other riders. With these new fashion trends, it’s time to prepare to break the mold, stand out, and make an impression.