Maximising a Small Walk-In Closet Space

Organised Walk-In ClosetIf you love fashion, then a small closet space may feel like a death sentence to your ever-evolving personal style. But you don’t need to give up self-expression through fashion and switch to a capsule wardrobe. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can make the most out of every square inch. Try these strategies to maximise space in a small closet to accommodate your stylish pieces.

Use Adjustable Storage Solutions

Maximising a small closet means eliminating the dead space between shelves so using adjustable shelving using wall strips is an ideal solution when you have a lot of items with varying heights allowing for the smallest clearances necessary, so you can add more shelving to accommodate more clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.

Don’t Let Corners Go to Waste

Instead of leaving corners empty or installing a cabinet that requires you to bend awkwardly to reach into it, consider installing a rotating corner carousel that hangs clothing all around to expand your storage options. You can even do a double rotating carousel if you only plan to hang shirts and jackets to double your capacity instantly.

Maximise Overhead Spaces

You don’t need to be tall to make use of the hard-to-reach spaces above. Install a pull-down clothing rod that brings your dresses at an accessible level when needed. After use, the hydraulic mechanism pulls the rod up to tuck your clothes neatly out of the way, allowing access to other shelves.

Make Closet Doors Do Double Duty

Don’t forget your closet doors! Just because they swing open and shut doesn’t mean they can’t be used to store items. You can install innovative storage systems to allow you to hang frequently used bags and shoes allowing you fast access and helping you to get ready in a snap.

With these smart strategies to maximise space, you can make the most out of a small closet but still allow for a diverse wardrobe that reflects your personal style.