Material Options for Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks

Above Ground Oil StoragesOil remains a crucial constituent of various industrial processes. As such, buying it in bulk and storing on-site is vital for these companies. This not only assures you of substantial savings but also ensures your operation doesn’t have to shut down for lack of oil. Above ground indoor and outdoor storage tanks are the standard option for industrial settings and can hold up to 275 gallons of oil.

There are different elements that determine the durability and efficacy of your above ground oil storage tank. One of the vital aspects is the material used for your storage tank fabrication. The following are the three common material options you can choose from for your tank.


This marks the most inexpensive option for oil storage tanks. Stainless and carbon steels are the two leading options for oil storage tanks. Steel is durable, strong and has a low evaporative emissions capability. However, it is heavy and hence cumbersome to transport. It also needs extra treatment to enhance its corrosion resistance.


Oil tanks made of fiberglass are durable, seamless, lightweight and sturdy. They also have no risk of leaks, sediment and rust associated with corrosion in steel tanks. Fiberglass undergoes different treatments to enhance its resistance to various environmental elements. Though costly, the performance of fiberglass tanks makes it worth the price.

Combination Materials

Storage tanks made from combination materials feature a dual wall construction. Their inner wall is made of a polyethylene composite, which is rust-resistant, durable and sturdy. The outer one is fabricated from galvanized steel, which is strong and damage-resistant. Though combination material tanks are the most costly, they are also the most reliable and safest available.

These material options are not the average ones used in other storage tanks. They should comply with set construction and pressure standards for oil storage tanks. As such, it’s essential to buy your tanks from a supplier well versed in these regulations.