Major Headaches: 3 Google Analytics Blunders to Fix

google analyticsAs powerful as Google Analytics is, not every site owner is able to use it properly. Some hitches with its configuration could even cause problems with your marketing campaign. At the end of the day, the progress you think your site has been having was nothing but an error on GA’s end.

For this reason, has listed three common causes of headache with Analytics. Here are the things you should watch out for:

Cross-Domain Tracking

When you’re using Google Analytics, you have to do some extra tinkering to enable cross-domain tracking. The problem is that not everyone gets to set up the whole thing properly. Normally, site owners get only a part of the setup right – and this is where problems arise. It could be an issue with forms or the allowLinker, but either way, the end result is that the cookies don’t get to travel across the domains.

Oddly Low Bounce Rates

Every site owner knows the struggle of reducing the bounce rate of a site. There is an intense surge of delight when you find out you have cut down on this figure. But sometimes, the low bounce rate is because of an issue with Google Analytics.

Often, this is because the tracking code has been installed twice on certain pages. It’s best to look at the source code you use or open the Google Tag Assistant to verify whether or not the code has been implemented twice.

Large Traffic Jumps

A surge in traffic is something to be happy about – but before you rejoice, you have to make sure the traffic is real and not an oversight on Google Analytics’ end. A huge traffic jump doesn’t usually happen overnight, because growth has a gradual pace. A sudden boost in pageviews could come from iframes, the tracking code, and other causes. Iron these out before you celebrate the traffic growth.

These three things could derail the campaign you have, which is why you must keep an eye out for them. Make sure your Google Analytics has been set up correctly and you’ll be able to measure success more accurately.