Long or Short System: Choosing The Right Bar Feeder

Bar feeders are one of the most important components in automated manufacturing. These are used in turning machines and are designed to offer a supply of machining stocks in different shapes and forms. Bar feeders can accommodate different lengths and are usually connected to the machine tool at the head stock ends.

bar feederChoosing the right bar feeder is one of most important decisions you need to make. The right system can improve productivity and suit the specific needs of machine turning operations. Read on to learn more about the bar feeder types.

Large Production

A 12-foot capacity bar feeder is a better option for large production quantities. These systems have long bars that can lower production costs. Such machines can be left unattended for longer periods and one operator can handle two to three machines. While the initial purchase of the bar feeder is a little expensive, users of the machine are satisfied with what it can deliver.

Short Set-ups

For short setups, however, a spindle-length or short bar feeder is a better option. This machine type is also ideal if floor space is an issue. The operation of spindle-bar feeders is completely automatic. When operators load bars to the unit, they need to perform other tasks such as loading other bar feeders and inspection of the machine.

Common Problems

Short bar feeders solve the problems commonly encountered with 12-foot systems. By using 4-foot length bars, users and operators can reduce vibration issues and make sure that they produce quality parts that are free of any defects. It is also important, however, to maintain the right bar feeder alignment to avoid premature wearing of the bar feeder’s liner and ensure accurate production.

Some short loaders also have an axial shift device that enables quick setup or changeovers. This is not possible on the 12-food bar feeder, mainly because of its size. The process with long bar feeders is usually lengthy and affects the entire production time.

The right bar feeder will depend on your application. Each design, however, has distinctive qualities you need to understand before making a final purchase.