Location is the Name of the Game

road at nightYou’ve heard it before. When buying a house, the most important thing is the location; even much more important than the actual condition of the house. Why is that, you ask. Well, for one, repairs can be made anytime on the house, while the location can’t be changed.

The site

How your house faces the street should be a factor to consider. It would be inconvenient if your neighbors can see into your house or if your windows don’t open towards a good view. A site where people usually crowd in could also be disrupting. Before buying a home, visit it at different times of the day to get a good idea of the activity level around it.


Is there a grocery shop or a marketplace nearby? Is there a hospital, a police station, or a school? Convenience is always an element most people look into before they buy a home. It can be tiring to travel far just so you can buy your basic necessities. Look at houses for sale in urban areas to get a convenient home location.


Safety is important when buying a home. You want to be able to sleep safe and sound in your house without worrying that someone might break in at any moment. This is especially true if you work on late night shifts or if you have small children in the house.

The neighbors

It would be good to have neighbors who are friendly. There’s a chance you won’t be familiar with the place just yet, so having a neighbor to ask would be a big help. You should also check for neighbors who are always making a racket. If you can’t stand the noise, then it might not be a good idea to live beside them.

Unlike the house itself, the location where the house is built, appreciates in value. You may buy it for a certain price for now, but after ten years, you can sell it for so much more. This is why when buying a residential property, location is king.