LibreOffice: An Impressive Free Alternative to MS Office

download LibreOfficeWhen it comes to creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations, most people turn to MS Office. MS Office is a pricey piece of software, however. Fortunately, there are more affordable alternatives available on the Internet, like LibreOffice.

LibreOffice is a free downloadable alternative to MS Office, with features on par with its more popular competitor. It opens with a main menu that lets users choose from the software’s six applications, which include:

Most people prefer LibreOffice Writer for pure writing and editing, as it’s often more in tune with their methods. Compared to Microsoft Word’s grammar checking, most people also prefer Writer’s grammar checker, spelling checker, and other tools.
Writer is also similar enough to Word that the transitional learning curve is minimal. Even though most of its features are the same, Writer also has some of its own, like the predictive word assistance. This feature offers only one word, which is convenient.

LibreOffice Calc can load Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and mimic the formatting in the exact way. Like Excel, it also has conditional formatting that the program extends and recalculates automatically when copied on another row.

LibreOffice Base has the basic features of Microsoft Access, including forms, reports, SQL, and relational multiple table support. A relational database, it can connect to external databases, including those from Access.

Base doesn’t import forms and reports from Access, however. Despite this, its design wizard and editor work well enough that recreating them isn’t a tedious task. Subforms are also supported, allowing you to display multiple tables in a single form.

LibreOffice Impress offers impressive presentation capabilities, and exports to PDF, which is one of the most common formats at present. It also offers a design wizard and a collection of attractive templates that can help you get started.

Math and Draw
Most people find LibreOffice Math and Draw useful and convenient for formula rendering and shaping tasks respectively. Most people also find Draw and its collection of shapes and objects useful in creating presentations.

LibreOffice is the open source software that works just as better as MS Office. To learn more about it, download LibreOffice for free and try it yourself.