Lawmakers Who Are Politically Safe See No Shutdown Urgency

raulLawmakers in both the parties are politically safe, which is why despite the government shutdown moving into its third day and affecting hundreds of thousands of federal employees, they are seeing no urgency to reopen it.

Lawmakers are insulated

Many House Democrats and Republicans have been made virtual shoo-ins for re-elections, particularly in the heavily gerrymandered districts. This effectively, insulates them from every political issue, except the views in their part of the country.

What this ultimately implies is that no matter what the budget standoff comes to in the federal government these lawmakers will still be hailed as heroes back home.

The government went into a shutdown mode three days ago when the Democrats and the Republicans failed to arrive at an agreement over President Barack Obama’s new health care law and raising of the nation’s borrowing limit. Both sides are unwilling to budge from their stance over their belief that they will continue to get strong support back home.