Is Your Warehouse Racking System Up To Standard?

Warehouse with racksIt is very easy for top managers to side-line workplace safety as they focus on increasing business profit and the return-on-investment in other processes. There is, however, never two ways about this: Workers safety should be a priority for every business. Many warehouse workers, for instance, are exposed to risks of falling, slipping, and equipment running over and items falling on them, which can inflict injuries, or, worse still, cause death.

Besides ensuring you buy your warehouse pallet racking systems from a reputable supplier, and you install them correctly, a warehouse storage solutions provider advises that you consider the following to enhance warehouse safety:

Standard Compliance

The best way to prevent accidents in your warehouse is to comply with all safety measures in your industry. If you do not, you risk your business from covering huge fines. Always ensure that the warehouse pallets racks are of the approved standard for the weight you want them to hold.

Overloading the storage system can compromise its strength, which can cause warehouse accidents when items fall off the racks.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Warehouse storage solutions providers recommend you carry out a thorough routine inspection of the display systems you use to determine that they are in their best condition. The frequency of these inspections can either be annually or biannually. During these inspections, be careful to notice whether there are sagging racks or dents and signs of wear on mezzanine floors.

Use Nets or Rack Guards

It is advisable for you to place safety nets or rack guards in areas where foot traffic is highest. That will help reduce the chances of accidents from items falling from the top racks.

It is necessary you consider all these critical factors if you are looking to improve safety standards in your warehouse. It is also crucial you note that they are various racking system for different display and storage needs, from pallet racks to mezzanine floors. Work with an experienced supplier of warehouse display and storage solutions to guide you in choosing racking systems that are functional, and that will not compromise your workplace safety.