Is Price a Mark for Water Tank Quality?

Water Tank Solution If you have shopped for a water tank before, you understand how challenging it can get to find one that suits your specific projects and your budget for its installation and maintenance.

While there are numerous tank designs to choose from for your water storage needs, some are best for use as an underground reservoir while others for above the ground use. A quick tip: Installing water tanks underground is an excellent space-saving solution.

When planning for your water tanks, highly consider which among those of poly-plastics, stainless steel and concrete will meet your water storage needs satisfactorily, and within your budget.

Do not fall a victim of false marketing that the pricier the tank, the higher is its quality. The following two attributes should make an excellent guide to finding a high-quality water tank:

The Material of the Water Tank

Unlike metal water reservoirs, plastic water tanks will not rust. You can also customise the fittings you want your water tanks to come with, and the size and shape. Plastic water tanks are light and can come in various dark colours to hinder algae growth.

Local Availability

It is good that you are contemplating importing your water tanks, but, with that, rarely will you get a guarantee for installation, repair and replacement services.

Even if you may get part of the warranty, you are not sure that the brand and type of water tank you will import will be available in the future, should you need to process your warranty claim for a non-functional water tank and its respective parts.

The best advice here would be you prioritise working with a local water tank manufacturer that has an established water tank moulding business.

When selecting your next water tank, consider choosing the poly-plastic types — and that comes with an extended manufacturer warranty. Also, determine whether you would like to install the water tank above- or below-ground.

For correct installation, always ensure you supply the tank supplier with exact dimensions of the area in which you plan the water tank to sit.