Industrial Matting Promotes Safety in the Workplace

Black rubber mat in the officeCompliance with workplace safety standards is essential within industrial sites with hazardous equipment or materials. When working with electronics and heavy machinery, the employer is responsible for workers’ safety and to issue the right tools and equipment to protect them. The National Floor Safety Institute reports that 85 per cent of employee’s injury claims are related to slip accidents ‒ a staggering statistic that proves why industrial matting plays an important role in general workplace safety.

Industrial rubber mats provide comfort and protection to the assembly line, production station, welding area, and is a basic safety item for many other manufacturing jobs. They reinforce safety standards to industries that deal with grease, oil, static electricity, and chemicals.

Here’s a guide for selecting the right commercial matting solution for your workplace.


Industrial mats come in many variations. Some of them are anti-microbial, anti-static, and anti-fatigue. Figure out if you are trying to protect your workers from muscle soreness and fatigue, static electricity, or other workplace hazards.

Mat Surface

If your staff are frequently working in environments where water is present, experts recommend choosing safety mats with drainage holes. These holes prevent water pooling on the mat surface and causing fall and slip accidents.


Each manufacturing station in a production line could be dealing with different elements, so choose the mat accordingly. The function of the worker will dictate the type of mat selected from a range of light-weight to heavy mats.


Tough environments require mats to be more durable. Check the quality of the brand to make sure your mat is long lasting and resistant cracks and curling.

Safety in the workplace requires common sense. Although reporting spills and leaks, for example, will reduce risk, the reliability on busy staff cannot be guaranteed. Promote safety measures in the workplace with reliable matting solutions. It provides indispensable protection for workers in areas of risk.